Table of Contents

“An Accidental Poet”

“Taking Leave”


“The Search”

“Early Listening”

“Maundy Thursday”

“Microwave Art”


“Reading Palms”

“A Dog’s Life: One”


“Teaching: Fall Term”

“Why GP Cries”

“Isham’s Will”

“Inventory: Ransom’s Estate”

“Gilbert’s Coffin: Unpaid”

“Accidents Happen”

“Second Sons”



“Autumn Grief”

“He Wasn’t There”

“Moving On”



“Sedge Field”

“The Judge”

“When He Was Twelve”


Deus Absconditis

“The Patriarch”



“Two Waterfowl”

“Bulldog: A Lenten Discipline”

“The Harness: Bulldog as Romantic Philosopher”

“A Dog’s Life: Two”

“Bulldog: An Elegy”

“In Milton’s Steps”


“Something to Stay Our Minds On”